INSTAR MQTT Alarmserver Interval

Q: After I changed completely to MQTT, I switched off the

HTTP alarm server
on my 9008. This had the consequence that the cool-down interval was deactivated. As a result I am getting tens of
MQTT alarm messages
per alarm event. I think the option to set the rest interval would also be useful for MQTT.

Mike Polinowski
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Make your camera the heart of your smart home

Using the MQTT interface of your INSTAR Full HD cameras you can connect them to an existing smarthome system (Home Assistant, OpenHAB, Node-RED, Athom Homey, Homematic, ioBroker, Loxone, homee) can be added. Or even make it the main broker for your MQTT sensors. MQTT allows you to automate ALL functions of your camera and link them to other services in your smarthome.

Mike Polinowski
IFTTT Applets
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Control your camera via the IFTTT online service

On the IFTTT platform, we provided a service called INSTAR. The INSTAR applets provide you with the ability to control some settings of your INSTAR camera or INSTAR Cloud with IFTTT. You can connect INSTAR with triggers for location (Geo Location) and date & time, send notifications and much more. For example, you can connect INSTAR applets to the IFTTT location service and automatically disable the alarm when you arrive home. You can also use the INSTAR applets to create your own automation and connect them to other third-party applets.

A: Since you usually receive the MQTT alarm server in a Smarthome and define your own actions there, we decided to set the interval as small as possible (1s). So it is intended that you can define your own cool-down interval for the actions in the Smarthome.

You can also adjust the interval of the MQTT alarm server directly on the camera. You can read out the current status on your camera with the following

CGI Command


The default settings are there:

var md_server3_switch="on"; var md_server3_interval="1";

If you now want to set the interval to, for example, 5 seconds you can do this with this command:


You get an OK from the camera and the value should now look like this:

var md_server3_switch="on"; var md_server3_interval="5";