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IN-9008 Full HD Nightvision and PIR Sensor Range

Q: What is the range of the IR sensor and the IR illumination?

A: The PIR sensor is for a distance of max. 12-15 meters provided. Further distance is technically not possible with PIR, here we already use one of the best PIR sensors on the market. Should you 30 meters to detect movements, this is possible with the software-based motion detection, because then you would just turn off the internal PIR sensor or use this separately from the software detection. The night vision is for max. 15-20 meters designed.

Image Settings

Slightly expanded and the functions explained in more detail - especially the effect of the hardware WDR mode (compared to the software WDR) was clarified.

Comparison between the image quality of the IN-9008 Full HD and IN-5905 HD (The camera model IN-8015 HD has the same image sensor and wide-angle lens installed and is therefore comparable):

Image Comparison