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Alarm server no longer works (URL Encoding)

Q: The alarm has already worked once after I got the camera about 2 weeks ago and then immediately installed the latest firmware. Since then I have the problem that the entered http Request is encoded. But now the Alarm Server of the 9008 is not triggered anymore and cannot be used with my Smarthome System (Homematic CCU, FHEM, Node-RED, OpenHAB 2, Home Assistant). With the 5907 it still works.

INSTAR Full HD Alarmserver"motion_detected_8015").State(1)

becomes ->

Every ?, = and & that I type in is encoded as %3F, %26 and %3D.

A: To prevent the special characters from being encoded, you must use the URL Queries (click on the green plus symbol to add a new query):

INSTAR Full HD Alarmserver