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Alarm Input

Q: How the alarm input works.

A: I need a short information on how the input / input of the camera must be connected. In the manual the input / input is described with + and - (see attachment). How is this information to be interpreted? Does this mean that a pot. Free contact of an external relay must be connected to the marked connection points?

Alarm I/O

IN-Motion 500

Information about the alarm I / O can be found in our online documentation:

IN-8015 FHD Technical Specifications

IN-7011 HD Technical Specifications

IN-5907 HD Technical Specifications

IN-5905 HD Technical Specifications

A terminal, potential-free, must be connected to the alarm input, which opens or closes a relay in the event of an alarm (N.C. or N.O.). You can also test the functionality very easily by bridging the two contacts with a wire. When you enter the input on N.C. You should receive a permanent alarm as soon as you remove the wire.