IN-9010 FHD and IN-9020 FHD Precision of Save Positions Deteriorates

Q: Hello, I have an Instar9020s from you and have the problem that positions that I save are not approached correctly after a while. The positions are completely different from the ones that were saved. What could be the reason for this?

I had tried everything on the software side and could not find any error. The network existed. Cables were all correctly crimped, a different network cable brought no improvement. Router, switch checked.

Power supply: All cameras ran without problems. Picture was there etc. BUT! I still measured the power supply and the power supply of the power supply unit in the distribution cabinet was not at 12v. The camera was only receiving 10V. That was the crucial problem!

Even though the camera was in normal operation and ALL functions including normal control were given, it was apparently due to this voltage difference.

I readjusted the power supply and the error is gone.