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5905 vs 5907

Q: I consider which of the cameras 5905 or 5907 I should buy?

A: The difference between the IN-5905HD and the IN-5907HD is as follows: The case is different, of course, so the IN-5905HD is a bit smaller and more compact, making it ideal for an entrance area The IN-5905HD already has a 90 degree wide-angle lens , The IN-5907HD sees a 45 degree angle. The angle always depends on what you want to use the camera. If you e.g. want to monitor an entrance area, then you want to see at the shortest distance as large an area as possible to see the complete person. This is definitely why a wide-angle lens makes sense. But if you have a Parking lot and want to pay attention to details such as license plates, then makes a smaller angle as in the IN-5907HD sense, because the larger the angle, the more you see, but the smaller everything is displayed ... For the IN-5907HD we offer a little more accessories like eg completely invisible LEDs, a 4m connection cable, etc. As I said is crucial for what you want to use the camera ... A few comparison images can be found on our product pages