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Tasker - Add a Profile to activate Motion Detection

How do you activate motion detection when you are at home?

Hinzufügen eines Profils (Bewegungserkennung aktiviert)

Now we just have to automate the just created action. Go to the profile tab and press the plus to add a new profile. Here we choose the state preset to use the WLAN connection status of the smartphone to trigger the action.

Tasker - Add a Profile

  1. Go to the Profile tab and click the + to add a state profile.

Tasker - Add a Profile

  1. Then select the Net Tile.

Tasker - Add a Profile

  1. We would like to carry out the action as soon as the smartphone connects to a specific Wi-Fi network.

To make sure that the action is executed only when we are in our home Wi-Fi, we need to set a value that Tasker can use to detect it. In our case we will simply choose the name of the network (SSID). In our case, the profile will only perform the action if the smart phone connects to a Wi-Fi network called WTec. You can also assign a fixed IP address to your phone via the router, or use the MAC address of your wireless router as an indicator. Then go back to save the profile and add the previously created task to the profile.

Tasker - Add a Profile

  1. Define here where Tasker should recognize your home network and assign the previously created task to the profile.