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Home Automation with Node-RED and OpenHAB

Projects using Node-RED and OpenHAB 2

FTP Snapshot Upload

You can use a Node-RED flow to set your trigger an FTP Upload from your camera and display the image in the Node-RED Dashboard.
Alarm Schedule

We want to be able to switch between two Alarm Schedules on-the-fly given the premise that we want our camera's motion detection to be active unless we are (awake) at home. But when we are on holiday we want it to be armed 24/7.
Alarm Trigger

Trigger an Alarm on your IP Camera to start all programmed Alarm Actions manually. See next project for an implementation.
Alarm Recording & Nightvision

Activate the nightvision LEDs and start a 1min Recording on the internal SD Card of your Camera every time an Alarm is triggered. Only to be used with cameras that have PIR Motion Detection.
Access your Cameras Live Video

Download single image files from your camera's MJPEG Stream and make them available to your Node-RED Dashboard and OpenHAB Basic UI.