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SMA und RP-SMA Antennenanschluss

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All INSTAR WLAN IP cameras use either SMA or RP-SMA default antenna connectors with a screw type coupling mechanism. SMA (SubMiniature version A) And RP-SMA (Reversed Polarity SubMiniature version A) have a 50 Ω impedance and are designed for use with frequencies up to 18 GHz. The SMA connector employs a 1/4"-36 thread and the male is equipped with a 5/16" hex nut and are one of the most commonly used RF/microwave connectors.

SMA or RP-SMA default antenna connectors


A RP-SMA antenna (IN-3010) on the left and a SMA antenna (IN-2904) on the right.

In SMA connectors, the terms male and female refer to the male center pin and its female sleeve counterpart. An example of a SMA Antenna is our camera model IN-2904, that has the center pin is on the antenna side - the camera has a "male antenna".

Reverse polarity SMA (RP-SMA) is a variation of the SMA connector specification which reverses the gender of the interface. The female RP-SMA connector has the same external housing as a standard or conventional female SMA connector, which consists of an outer shell with the threads on the outside BUT the center receptacle is replaced by a male pin. An example for a RP-SMA connector is the Antenna of the camera model IN-3010 - the camera has a "female antenna". The image below shows the (female) RP-SMA antenna of a IN-3010 camera on the left and a (male) SMA antenna of a IN-2904 camera on the right.

It is advisable to inspect and clean out loose debris from the internal surfaces with compressed air or a gas duster can before mating. A few hundred interconnect cycles are possible if performed carefully. Care should be taken to join connectors straight-on. Prior to making a connection it is wise to inspect the female end to assure that the center socket is in good condition.

Camera Model Antenna Connector
IN-2904 SMA
IN-2905 SMA
IN-2905 v2 SMA
IN-2907 SMA
IN-2908 SMA
IN-3001 integrated Antenna
IN-3003 integrated Antenna
IN-3005 RP-SMA
IN-3010 RP-SMA
IN-3011 RP-SMA
IN-4009 SMA
IN-4010 RP-SMA
IN-4010 v2 SMA
IN-4011 RP-SMA
IN-5907 HD SMA
IN-6012 HD SMA
IN-6014 HD SMA
IN-7011 HD SMA
IN-8015 Full HD RP-SMA
IN-9008 Full HD RP-SMA
IN-9020 Full HD RP-SMA