Video Menu Bar

The Video Menu Bar is a part of the ActiveX video plugin. To make use of the plugin, you have to activate it inside the Video Menu.

Video Menu Bar

Only ActiveX Video Plugin

Camera Microfone

Click here to activate the cameras audio stream. Adjust the volume in the Audio Menu.

Camera Loudspeaker

In case your PC is equipped with a microphone click here to activate the audio-out of your camera.

Digital Zoom

Click here to adjust the cameras 3 x digital zoom - use the 3rd button to bring it back to normal.

Record Path

Here you can set the record path for your manually recorded videos and snapshots. The set path is used by all your INSTAR HD Cameras! Your camera will automatically create subdirectories with the current date and its IP address when you start recording or take a snapshot. All snapshots will be saved in the subdirectory Snap and all videos in the subdirectory Record.

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