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Change the language of the web user interface to German, English, French or Chinese. The user interface automatically sets the language according to the language of your operating system. You can manually change it, if the auto-detection fails or you want the UI to be displayed in different languages on different computers. Your selection will be saved locally as a cookie and not globally on your camera.

You can backup your camera configuration after setting everything up. Download the file and name it appropriately for a later restore. Please be aware that software updates sometimes add new variables / functions to the camera and you won´t be able to use your old backup files anymore. Always create a new backup after a software update to be sure.

The INSTAR software department is constantly working to improve your experience with our product. You can check the update section from time to time to make sure your system is still up-to-date. You can also check our download area to find our newest software and corresponding changelogs.

Use this function to reboot or reset your camera safely. It is not recommended to simply unplug/replug your camera or use the hardware reset unnecessarily (those actions can be harmful to running operations as well as causing hardware defects on the internal SD card). Please always use the soft- restart and reset via the web user interface.

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