Alarm Menu

The alarm areas detect motion by a picture analysis that is sensitive to every change inside the video frame instead of employing an infrared or microwave sensor. You can setup up to 4 detection areas - just activate an area and draw its shape onto the image - and adjusts its sensitivity to set a threshold for trigger events.

The Privacy Mask Menu allows you to black out areas from your surveillance. E.g. you can still see a part of the public street in front of your house on your surveillance videos. But you cannot adjust the camera angle any more. Now you can setup up to 4 masks to prevent the street from showing up in your surveillance footage - just activate an area and draw its shape onto the image.

Adjust the cameras behaviour in case of a motion alert trigger event. You can set the camera to send you an email and to save snapshots or videos on your SD card. Please make sure you set your SMTP Server settings before activating the email notification and that you have a SD card in your cameras SDHC card slot (max. 32 GB) to use the video recording and send-to-FTP function.

Here you can define a time schedule in which the motion detection should be active for the active detection areas. Every blue square represents 30 minutes of armed motion detection. Please make sure to set the correct time zone as it will be used by the camera. Remember Daylight-Saving-Time!

Simply use the INSTAR Preset if you don´t know the SMTP information of your Email provider. Choose the preset from the drop down menu and confirm. The Email recipient can be set in the Email Menu. Set-up this way, your camera will use an INSTAR Server to send alarm mails to your personal Email address. This transfer will be TLS encrypted and INSTAR does not store any copies of your Emails!

Here you need to input the sender, the receivers, the subject as well as optional a short email text with a maximum 64 characters. The sender address should be in accordance with the SMTP server settings, though some email provider let you choose this field freely. If you want to send the email to more than one address, simply separate the addresses with a semicolon.

To use the video FTP Upload, you first have to set your ftp server address and login credentials. E.g. you can use your routers FTP service as FTP Server - in this case simply put in your routers IP as the FTP Server address. If you set up a FTP server on a local PC (for example with Filezilla Server), use the PC’s local IP address. Of course you can use webservers URL’s as well. The standard FTP port is 21.

The camera’s Audio Alarm uses the integrated microphone to detect noises and trigger alarm events. These events are handled just like motion detection events and will trigger the activated Alarm Actions. Please be aware that the sensitivity of the detection is both influenced by the sensitivity slider here, as well as by the overall volume of the microphone signal.

Please check the corresponding box and click submit to either format or unmount your SD card. It is recommended to always unmount your SD card before removing it from your camera! Your SD card might be unavailable after an unexpected restart. Please wait for the operating system to check the file system for errors. The SD card will show up again once it was successfully mounted by the system.

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