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720p Web User Interface

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Eine Einführung in die 720p Web-Benutzeroberfläche für Ihre INSTAR HD Kamera. Auf Youtube ansehen

The HTML5 web user interface allows an easy configuration and camera control through your default web browser (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer).

Software Menu

Change the language of the web user interface, reboot or reset or upload a firmware and web UI update to your camera.
Network Menu

Change your camera´s IP configuration or WiFi settings or connect it to your smartphone by scanning the DDNS, P2P or Push Service QR code with our smartphone app.
System Menu

Change your camera´s System settings, adjust the status and IR LEDs or the Pan, Tilt and Zoom behaviour of your camera.
Multimedia Menu

Adjust your video quality and the audio volume of your camera. The image settings allow you to adjust contrast, saturation and brightness of your camera.
Alarm Menu

Activate your camera´s motion or audio detection and actions to be taken in case of an alarm - like video recordings, email alerts or FTP uploads.
Recording Menu

All HD cameras are equipped with expandable SD card storage (up to 32 GB) that can be used to store photo series or video recordings.
Cloud Menu

An overview over our online recording platform for your INSTAR IP camera.
Menu Bar

The Menu Bar is located above the live video and allows you to quickly access the SD card, take snapshots or start recordings or activate the motion detection of your camera.
Video Menu Bar

The Video Menu Bar is a part of the ActiveX video plugin. To make use of the plugin, you have to activate it inside the Video Menu.
PTZ Menu

Every camera that can be panned, tilted or have a lense with a variable focal length can be controlled directly from the user interface.

Plug & Play Setup for your INSTAR HD Camera.

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Plug & Play Setup für Ihre INSTAR HD Kamera. Auf Youtube ansehen