Video Recording Overlay

Here you can activate the planned video recording. This function will record a video to the cameras internal SD card inside the time window defined by the Recording Schedule. You can set the resolution and length of each recorded video file.

Configure the Planned Video Recording on the SD Card

Scheduled video to SDActivate the scheduled recording to the internal SD card. Please be aware, that the recording will only start if the recording schedule is active as well.
Choose resolutionSet the video resolution for the planned recording - 1080p, 720p or 360p.
Video length in minutesIt is recommended to divide recordings in small files to improve your data security in case of a writing error during the recording. The maximum length of a single video file is 15 minutes.
ScheduleEvery orange coloured square represents 30min of scheduled recording time. Use the preset buttons above the schedule to set common time windows.

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