Live Video

When you access your camera's web user interface, you will be greeted with the live video window. Please refer to our Plugin Guide if you cannot see the video stream.


Click on the Settings in the top right to open the settings menu. The settings menu contains all the settings that are described in our Web User Interface Guide.

SD Card

The SD Card link to the right of Settings opens the directory that contains all your camera's Alarm Recordings and Planned Recordings. All taken snapshots can be found in the images folders and video files in the record folder. They can also be accessed via our mobile App InstarVision for iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone and Windows Metro as well as the INSTAR Camera Tool.


If your camera model has a Pan, Tilt and Zoom camera head, just hover your mouse pointer over the live image, to display the control pad to pan and tilt your camera.

Clicking on Positions, in the top centre of the live image, opens the menu to store camera positions and recall them later. These positions can be used as Alarm or Start Position. They also make it much easier to control your PTZ camera with our smartphone app.

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