IR LEDs Overlay

Your camera´s IR LEDs are switched on and off automatically by the internal light sensor. If you want to use your camera behind a highly reflective window or you are using your camera as a weather webcam and don´t need the IR light, simply deactivate the LEDs here. Be aware that the automatic IRcut filter will be moved in front of the lense permanently in this mode. That means you cannot use an external IR spotlight with your camera, if the internal IR lights are turned off.

Deactivate the Night vision LEDs

IR LED ControlDeactivate the IR LEDs or set them to automatic. The automatic mode will be controlled by the photo sensor and the IR LEDs will be automatically switched on once it gets dark.
Fixed Night vision ScheduleThe automatic IR LED mode is controlled by a photo sensor. In case that this sensor tends to activate the night vision mode too early, you can set a time schedule instead. Be aware that this schedule can only switch your camera´s IR LEDs from "Disabled" to "Automatic" - there is no mode to activate the IR LEDs constantly.
Activate IR LEDs atHere you can set the time, when the IR LEDs are set into automatic mode. Remember that this will only activate the IR LEDs if it is dark enough. The camera´s photo sensor will prevent the activation of the night vision mode during daylight.
Deactivate IR LEDs atThe time you set here will be the time where the IR LEDs will be deactivated.

Please be aware

If you deactivate the IR LEDs by night you might get false alerts from the internal motion detection. In this case, you will have to deactivate the motion detection during the night using the alarm schedule.

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