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Webcam XP

WebcamXP allows you to monitor your belongings from any location with access to Internet by turning your computer into a security system. Connect remotely by using other computers or your mobile phone, broadcast live video to your website, Schedule automatic captures or recordings or Trigger specific actions using the motion detector - and everything tailored for low hardware requirements.

In order to integrate your INSTAR IP camera in WebcamXP we recommend you to download the latest version from HERE.

Add a Camera

After you installed the newest version of WebcamXP please open the program, right-click the + symbol on one of the available channels to add a new network camera.

Right-click the video channel you want to assign and choose Network Cameras' from the context menu.

Choose your INSTAR camera model in the Network Camera Wizard.

Type in your camera´s IP address, http port and your camera login credentials. Use the Test function to verify your input, then click ok.

Your camera is now ready to use.

Scheduled Video Recording

WebcamXP comes with a powerful Scheduler that allows you to set time windows for every action you want the software to perform. You can easily set it up to perform a scheduled video recording as well as to automate your motion detection function.

The powerful scheduler allows you to automate functions like video recordings, motion detection or web broadcasts.

Web Broadcast

The Web Broadcast function allows you to stream your camera´s live stream via HTTP and embed it into your website with ease. The earlier described scheduler enables you to automate your live broadcast according to your needs.

Stream your camera´s live stream via HTTP.

Access your camera´s live stream with your default web browser.

In the example above the video was tapped from the localhost address with a local web browser. You will need to set a port forwarding rule for the port 8080 (WebcamXP´s default web server port) to your workstation inside your internet router to make WebcamXP´s web server available from outside your local network.

Motion Detection

Switching to the Security tab gives you access to the software motion and audio detection feature. Activate the detection and adjust its sensitivity to your needs. You can also define a alarm trigger response - like a local video recording, a FTP upload or a notification email.

Enable the software motion and audio detection and define a trigger response.

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