InstarVision Windows Phone App

The Recording Menu

[01] Clicking on Recording to access a list of all recorded videos on your smartphone.

[02] Clicking on SD Card button on the lower right will list the content of your camera´s SD card.

[03] Your files will be sorted in folders by days.

[04] Day folders can have a Record folder for videos and an Images folder for snapshots.

[05] All alarm videos start with the letter A, planned recordings with a P and manual recordings with a N.

[06] All recordings can be screened directly from within the app.

[07] Snapshots and Videos recorded to your phones internal memory will be displayed as thumbnails.

[08] All snapshots can be screened directly from within the app.

Please be Aware:

When you connect to your camera via P2P, you will not be able to Adjust Video Settings (Bitrate, Contrast, Brightness, etc.) and Access Snapshots on your SD card (accessing Videos will work).

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