Software Update

720p Camera Series

Install the newest Firmware and Web User Interface on your HD IP Camera

Please download the newest version of the WebUI or Firmware from our website. Go to the Download section on our website. Please select your camera model and scroll to the end of the page for the corresponding download links. '''Please read the instructions carefully''' to make an informed decision on which Software you have to download. Both updates - web user interface and firmware - can either be done through the INSTAR camera tool or the camera´s webUI and the update procedure is the same for Windows, MacOSX and LINUX.

Download the newest Firmware and WebUI files from

Sometimes your camera´s WebUI might not behave the way you want. You updated your camera´s software, but it still shows you the old version ? An update should bring new functions to the user interface - but they are nowhere to be seen? Or you simply cannot change a setting? Your Browser might have cached old parts of the user interface and refuses to reload the new or updated files. Here is how you can get rid of your browsers browsing history in several common browsers.

Update via the WebUI

To update the camera through the web user interface simply open the Update Menu and click on Choose File to upload the pkg update file you downloaded earlier. After selecting the file click on submit to start the update. Please wait for the camera to reboot and reload the user interface. Never unplug the camera during this process!

Choose the pkg file you downloaded earlier and click on submit.

Update via the Camera Tool

Start the INSTAR camera tool and open the Update tab.

Press the Search button and choose your camera from the list above. Type in your login user name and password for the camera.

Click on Browse button and select the Firmware/WebUI pkg file you downloaded earlier. Press Open to confirm your selection.

Click on Submit to upload the Firmware/WebUI pkg file to the camera. Please wait for the camera to install the new software and to reboot. This process might take up to 5min - please makes sure never to unplug the camera before the update process completed!

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