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The IN-MIKRO 380 is a high quality active microphone which can be easily connected to your IP Camera. All you need is an IP Camera device which has a built-in audio input. The following models are currently supported: IN-2901, IN-2905 V2 (year of manufacture 2013), IN-2908, IN-5907, IN-4010, IN-4011, IN-5907HD and the new introduced IN-7011HD. Please take notice, that in order to use this microphone with the IN-4010, In-4011, IN-5907HD or the IN-7011HD you will need to use a different Y-cable for 12V power supplies then for the 5V models.

Your Advantages

  • Background noises will be reduced (in comparison to a simple included mic)
  • Clear and pure sound transmission
  • Easy connection to your camera through Chinch
  • Adjustable sensitivity of the microphone

Content of delivery

  • 1x Microphone IN-MIKRO 380
  • 1x Y-cable for 12V IP Cameras
  • 1x Screws and dowls
  • 1x User manual
IN-Mikro 300

The IN-Mikro 380 Microphone for IP Cameras.


How to connect the Microphone with your Camera?

The IN-Mikro 380 microphone is powered by your camera´s power supply via a Y-cable that is in the scope of the delivery. The wiring has to be according to the sketch below:

Infrared Light

You can power the microphone with the power supply from your camera.

And that is how it will look in a less abstract way:

Infrared Light

Take the microphone out of the box...

Infrared Light

...connect it to the Y-cabel that comes with the microphone and use the other two connectors of the cable to make a bridge between the power supply and the camera ...

Infrared Light

...then connect the audio cable of your microphone with your camera´s audio-in. Done!

The Web User Interface

The Web User Interface

Find a detailed description of the web user interface of your 1080p Series, 720p Series or VGA Series Cameras.