INSTAR HD Camera Hardware Reset

Restore your Camera´s Factory Settings

The IN-9020 Full HD camera can be reset through the online Web User Interface, or by using the INSTAR camera tool. Both reset methods require a password to access.

In case you forgot your password, you can also reset the camera through the MicroSD card. Please refer to our online instructions for SD card access and SD card reset:


After the reset, the camera will restart, which can take up to 60 seconds. All data in the camera will be reset to factory defaults. Therefore, please follow our installation steps that are introduced in Chapter 5 to reconnect the camera to your network. For more information on how to install your camera again, please visit: Once you connect the camera to the network, use the INSTAR Camera Tool to find out the camera’s IP address and open the camera’s WebUI to start configurating your camera again.