IN-5907 HD Lense Adjustment

Manual focus adjustment for your IN-5907 HD

When you receive your camera, we already adjusted the focus for the camera to be operational in a general surveillance scenario. For your IN-5907 HD this means, that they give you a sharp image for distances between 5 and 10m. If you need a different focus distance, just turn the camera lense clockwise or counterclockwise, until you have your scene in focus.

I. First remove the top cover by gently pushing it to the back. Hold the camera case and remove the front cover by turning it counter clockwise.

II. Then only remove the 3 outer screws (not the 2 inner screws).

III. Gently pull out the inner parts. Then loosen the screw on the side of the lense which fastens the lense to it outer mount.

IV. Launch the WebUI on your computer. While keeping an eye on the camera screen, turn the top part of the lense (be careful not to loosen the lenses lower part from the sensor mount) until the area under surveillance becomes clear. Tighten the screw from Fig.3 to fix the lense and reassemble the camera.

Lense Adjustment INSTAR IN-5907 HD.

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