Motion Detection

Setup the Motion Detection Function

The motion detection of the camera works in a way that the camera is comparing every picture with each other. So that camera takes the last picture and compares it with the new one. This will also have the effect that the camera will notice a change of brightness in the picture in the same way as it notices a person or object moving through the picture. With the sensitivity you can set how many percentage of a picture has to change until the camera will cause an alarm.

Setup the Motion Detection Function

1080p Camera Series

To activate the motion detection, open the web interface of your INSTAR HD IP camera and click on the menu Alarm / Areas.

Now that we set the motion detection areas, we can continue with adding actions, the camera has to take, in case of a detection event. Open the Alarm / Actions menu to configure the alarm actions.

Attention: If you have problems by receiving to many alarms you can solve that by changing your settings. Always set the sensitivity so that the motion you want to detect is detected by the camera - simply test it by walking in front of your camera. If this does not trigger an alert, you can either increase the sensitivity of the detection, or decrease the size of the detection area - the smaller the area, the higher, percentage, is the change of pixels inside the area by the event. On the other hand, if you have to increase the detection area, you also have to increase the sensitivity of the detection.

To avoid unwanted motion detection please avoid covering areas like the sky with moving clouds, busy streets in the background or big reflecting areas. To find the right camera position you can change the viewing angle a little bit or mount the camera on a different area which suits better to protects you home.

It is usually recommended to combine the software-based detection with the integrated PIR sensor of your camera.

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