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Motion Detection


To activate the motion detection, open the web interface of your INSTAR HD IP camera and click on the menu Alarm / Areas.
Alarm Notification

First, open the EMAIL SETTINGS. INSTAR offers a forwarding Server, that allows your camera to send email notifications to your personal email address.
Alarm Recording

To set up a alarm recording, just follow our SETUP GUIDE and activate the video or snapshot RECORDING TO SD CARD in case of an alarm event.
SD Card Access

The HD camera models allow you to record to the internal SD card. The easiest way to access your alarm recordings is to use our smartphone apps.
Alarm FTP Upload

Your camera can upload pictures and videos either during a motion alarm or in an time interval. The configuration can be set in the web interface.
Router as a FTP Server

Use your internet router or NAS storage device as a backup FTP server for your camera´s alarm recordings.
FTP Server Setup

If you want to use your Windows PC as FTP backup server for your camera´s alarm recordings, you can use the free program Filezilla.
Alarm Server

You can use the Alarm Server function to send a http request to a connected server. The server can send requests to trigger further actions.

Store your alarm recordings safely in our INSTAR Cloud Service and comfortably screen your alarm videos in your web browser.