INSTAR Deutschland GmbH

Indoor Cameras

IN-8015 Full HD

The IN-8015 HD is the first INSTAR camera with the new 1080p chipset. It offers all the advantages of the IN-6014 HD with a revised software and much more.

IN-6014 HD

The IN-6014 HD offers all the advantages of the IN-6012 HD. But also has a 80 ° wide-angle lens and an integrated PIR motion detector.

IN-6012 HD

The IN-6012HD is the standard HD PTZ camera for indoor surveillance. It has a standard lens with 40 ° viewing angle and IR night vision.

IN-6001 HD

The successor of the IN-3001 VGA camera - compact, inconspicuous, IR night vision capable with a video resolution of 720p HD and integrated SD card.


The IN-3011 is the standard indoor camera for VGA surveillance. It has IR night vision and a, via our app, remotely controllable camera head.