InstarVision 2.2

Desktop software for your network cameras

InstarVision software helps you manage your cameras better. With this you can integrate up to 64 (!) Cameras depending on the license type and see them at the same time. The software also allows you to save images in different file formats and use advanced motion detection.

Manual Download

Version history with features

  • Integration of the Instar Full HD camera models IN-8015 Full HD and IN-9008 Full HD
  • Integration of the in-house P2P solution
  • Revision of motion detection
  • Update process for new versions (through the installer)
  • Added link to user manual
  • Corrected spelling errors and renamed texts to increase understanding.
  • The buttons for registration are now always displayed under "Extended-> License" (not only for license changes)
  • The "Email Registration" and "Generate ID" buttons were reversed in their function.
  • Problems with changing and displaying Instar VGA and HD picture settings when switching channels have been fixed.
  • Problems with setting changes when using P2P cameras have been fixed.
  • The crash when recording when the recording path contains umlauts or other special characters has been fixed.
  • If unsupported channel bindings are selected, e.g. P2P no longer crashes the software when HTML5 is selected in the web client.
  • Restrict the motion detection area
  • Access to InstarVision over the Internet
  • Streaming in many different formats
  • User management with defined sharing of cameras
  • Revised motion detection
  • FTPS support for alarm uploads
  • Integration of the new 720p camera models
  • Move the video channels by Drag&Drop
  • Definition of 64 areas for motion detection
  • Motion detection for each channel
  • Recording detection before movement
  • Recording in different recording formats
  • New user interface
  • User management with permission for each camera
  • Recording BEFORE moving with an alarm
  • Supports up to 32 network cameras

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