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Node-RED Flows to Query Camera Parameter What is Node-RED?

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How to use Node-RED Flows

Click the button above to import the Node-RED JSON data to your clipboard. Use the Node-RED Import dialogue to import it into your Node-RED flow. You can read our guide on how to import flows into Node-RED. Please be aware that you will need to install node-red-contrib-string and the node-red-dashboard to use this flow. Open the Node-RED Menu (Hamburger icon in the top right - next to the user login), choose Manage Palette, switch to the Install Tab and type in the module names to install them.

Node-RED Install Plugins

This flow uses the MQTT protocol to publish and subscribe to messages. This is included to enable you to integrate this flow into a home automation system like OpenHAB 2. But this requires you to install a MQTT broker on your system, e.g. Mosquitto. Alternatively, you can replace the MQTT Nodes in the flow with Link Nodes.